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Associate Professor of Political Philosophy
Doctoral Programme Director
Department of Government, London School of Economics, London WC2A 2AE, UK
Office: Connaught House, CON.517

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Our new LSE Political Philosophy Seminar Programme is now online, convened by Laura Valentini and myself.

We did an exciting workshop on climate ethics and climate economics, accompanied by public lectures with Bob Pindyck and Steve Gardiner, funded by the ESRC, the Grantham Institute and the Department of Government

I have a new paper with Franz Dietrich called "Jury Theorems".

The paper Objective and Subjective Compliance (with Arne Weiss) has been accepted for publication by Games & Economic Behavior.

The work on the new book with Bob Goodin (working title: "Epistemic Democracy") is making good progress. The manuscript will go to the publisher very soon.



Selected Publications