PhD Supervision

I am available as supervisor for projects that relate to my interest. My approach can best be described as analytical political philosophy (broadly conceived), but I am also interested in philosophy of the social sciences. I like research in political philosophy that builds bridges to game theory, social choice theory, or behavioural economics. I have recently worked on self-serving biases, on the holism-individualism debate in the social sciences, on epistemic democracy, on ethical issues related to climate change, and on theories of social norms.

I get asked quite often whether I'm available as a supervisor. Please find out here whether I might be the right supervisor for you.

I currently supervise or co-supervise Jared Finnegan and Fergus Green. Mollie Gerver finished her PhD in 2016. She is now at Essex University as an Assistant Professor. Nimrod Kovner defended in 2017 and currently on a Post Doc at Hebrew University.  I also co-supervised Simon Beard, now at the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.


I teach courses on all levels, from undergraduates to doctoral students. I cover normative political theory, foundations and methods of political theory, philosophy of the social sciences and the political philosophy of environmental change. The courses I taught in 2017/18 are:

Please note that I will be on research leave in the first two terms of 2018/19.